Padma And Sachi

saachi and someone

Nineteen year old Padma’s life came to a sudden halt when she was attacked with acid by a one-sided lover. Padma, a simple and progressive young woman was pursuing her studies in Jaipur in the year 2011. Never in her worst nightmares had she had imagined that she would undergo such an atrocity.

The backdrop of the whole crime was that Padma’s friend Chandni was being stalked and harassed by a one-sided lover who wanted to marry Chandni. Due to her rejection of his proposal on 5th Feb, he decided to take revenge on Chandni by exposing her to acid and ruining her face and of course, her self confidence forever. In this process, he accidently attacked her friend Padma. Not only did Padma got severely burnt but, she was also terrified to the brink as to how she will go out and face the world. This incident left Padma traumatized for a long time. But with due support from her family and friends, she stood up again and decided to live her life as a normal girl. She continued her studies and her routine life. Right now, she is studying and educating people about acid attacks and it’s after effects. According to Padma, she is back on track, but society doesn’t let her live freely. Everyone questions her on her ability to live a normal life, her future, who is going to marry her and so on. The worst aspect is that according to a large part of the society, her life has ended because she doesn’t have a desirable face anymore.

Every time she steps out of her home, she has to put a scarf around her face to hide it from other people. Padma’s case highlights the pressing gender inequality in our nation since it is considered reasonable to destroy a woman’s face just because the attacker couldn’t handle rejection. Also, this case portrays the fickle-mindedness of the society towards an acid attack survivor. A girl becomes a victim of acid attack once, yet she still remains a victim of society’s inability to accept her as a normal, functioning part of society. And who is answerable for that? Padma’s courage and willingness is undoubtedly laudable but society’s distaste towards such acid attack survivors is not acceptable and definitely needs to change.