Mamta has a warm and welcoming smile, the kind that makes you feel as though you are the most important person in the world when she sends one your way. She is gentle and loving, which makes it so hard to comprehend why anyone would want to harm such a beautiful woman. When Mamta was 21, she was forced into an arranged marriage. Her new husband didn’t take long to show her his true colours, demanding that she take many classes to become the perfect wife, and constantly abusing her. He was an alcoholic, and the abuse worsened as the marriage progressed. He would sexually and physically assault her, locking her in rooms and beating her with his belt or strangling her neck. He would force Mamta’s parents to pay for many things, and if she refused, he would threaten to sell her in the streets to get the cash to pay for the things he wanted. This turned out not to be an empty threat, he had 2 wives before Mamta and had sold both of them into the sex trade. 

When Mamta fell pregnant, she decided that the marriage was not working and she should stop the pregnancy before her husband harmed her or the fetus. While Mamta’s mother supported this decision, her merciless husband filed a case against her parents, saying that she must continue the pregnancy. Mamta was forced to carry the unborn child to full term, and gave birth to a baby boy. 

The physical abuse and sexual assaults continued. Due to Mamta’s family’s failure to comply with the material demands of her husband, Mamta found herself locked out of the very house she called home, with her son on the other side of a door she could not open. It would make sense that since her husband wanted this child so badly that he would look after their newbornson, however this was not the case. Mamta’s husband demanded 50,000 RP to give her her son back, a price that Mamta, nor her family could afford. On the night of August 21st 2010, Mamta felt safe in the comfort of her family’s home and as many nights before, she fell asleep on the cool floor next to her brother, one of the only men in her life she felt comfort and security with. 

No one could predict the events that were to unfold that night. Mamta’s sick husband strolled the streets during the night carrying a baby’s bottle for his son which was filled with acid. At 5.30am, Mamta woke from her dreams to terrifying screams that echoed through the house and down the street. Mamta’s mother ran from the shower to find her eldest daughter rolling on the floor, screaming in agony as the entire left side of her body was rapidly melting together. To stop the acid from doing further harm, her mother attempted to wash the acid off with a bucket of water. Mamta felt in that moment, that she was surely going to die. 
On the street, there was a crowd of people who attempted to chase Mamta’s husband, but failed. The group disputed for quite some time in regards to who was going to call police, as fear stuck their bodies that they might become involved. A while later, the Police came and after some questioning, finally decided to send Mamta to a hospital. 
Mamta begged for poison. Her life could not possibly be any worse and she decided there was no way she wanted to live. Mamta’s requests and treatment were disregarded as ‘low priority’ even after she explained to the nurses that she was currently 2 months pregnant. 

A relief filled Mamta’s heart when the police caught her husband four days later and she was re-united with her son once again. It was a minor victory for her and her family to see such an evil, sick, corrupted man thrown into prison for attempted murder. Two and a half months later, Mamta had to somehow gather the courage to face her husband in court. For the first time since the attack, Mamta unwrapped the scarf that covered her scars, to show the court the skin that she lives in. 
No one with any kind of conscience will comprehend why Mamta’s husband was granted bail that day. For the final time, Mamta saw her child being taken by such an abusive man, as he fled with a new woman that we can only hope has a better fate than that of the women before her. Just as she thought would happen, her husband left town to avoid being convicted for his crime, and has yet to be seen again. 

Five months later, a permanently scarred Mamta gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who wasn’t breathing, and died shortly after birth. No one will ever know if it was the severeness of the acid attack, or the mental trauma that followed that took the life of her baby girl. 

To this day, a very difficult six years later, no one knows where Mamta’s husband or child is. The Police have said “when you tell us where he is, we will find him”, which is utterly ridiculous. There is little to no possibility that Mamta will ever find her son. After another abusive arranged marriage failed which her mother forced her into, Mamta has been reduced to hiding behind her scarves. Her family has turned against her, claiming it is her own fault these men have abused her. Not only has she lost two children, been abused in countless ways, lost the confidence to not cover her face, but now she has no place in society. Rejected from her family, she lives in isolation. With the weekly struggle for funds to pay her rent, no one could possibly comprehend the physical pain that she went through on August 21st 2010, but it is even harder to comprehend the emotional pain she fights every single day.

SKILLS : A trained beautician, knows mumerousshayariatt he back of her hand, a full on drama queen and movie buff.